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Co-Owner/Consultant · Jan 1994 to present…

… Facilitates enlightened decisions to enhance life experience through confidential consulting providing insightful advice and “how to” application of spiritual principles into business/career and personal relationship matters. ♥ phone consultation direct: 1-888-693-8437 Ext. 01837888 ($2.10/min.) 12 PM to 12 AM Central or through websites: http://www.intuitiveinsights.biz/ or http://www.keen.com/isismatch

Featured in several radio/newspaper/tv interviews (WSAI AM 1530 “Angel Talk” & CBS …nationwide radio show, WHIO AM 1290…New Year’s radio show, NBC WKEF Ch. 22 TV News [“Put to the Test”], and the Dayton Daily Newspaper

1-888-693-8437 Ext. 01837888 or http://www.intuitiveinsights.biz Also, for new Keen clients, receive a FREE reading at 800-275-5536 Ext: 01214 or http://www.keen.com/psychic-readings/life-questions/isismatch/1404602

♥ For relationship insight, Stellar Relationship Compatibility Lifetime Potential application gives chance of lasting happiness. Unique proprietary method verified over decades with thousands. http://apps.facebook.com/stellarcompatibility

Over 17 years full-time experience in professional practice (30,000+ consultations balancing practical and esoteric forecasting with unique insightful advice into relationship compatibility and career).

Stellar Longterm Relationship Compatibility Potentialwith Mary Pavlisin
Jan 1996 to present
♥ Over two decades, one on-going development project is continual improvement to a verified relationship compatibility assessment software tool (now a FB App.) giving uniquely accurate insight into the long term percentage chance of happiness and success. Potential harmony (spiritual, philosophic); chemistry (emotional, love, romantic); psychology (mental, friendship, communication); attraction (physical, intimacy, sexual); common interest (work/ hobby) are are numerically analyzed, rated, and briefly interpreted. For more information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stellar-Love-Friendship-Astro-Compatibility-Score/114235255284692?sk=info or go to application directly: http://apps.facebook.com/stellarcompatibility …♥
Metaphysical Musing with Mark Radio Show
Join me once monthly on the 1st Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern to start a conversation on any metaphysically related topic by calling in at 949-203-4754 to share comments or questions.

Hoping to inspire and entertain as we explore and discuss the metaphysical field together, I invite you to not only listen as I share my knowledge, experience, and suggested guidance through complimentary personal mini-readings; but also I encourages you to share your own spiritual experiences, questions, and comments.

Also, I usually give an overview of current astrological events in the sky and how we may all be in harmony with the universal astrophysical alignments.

Time permitting, I would like answer your personal questions and give brief unique relationship and career advice answers. Have the date of birth for you (time of day for work and money questions improves accuracy) and others for relationship compatibility.



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